11 Upcoming PS5 Games We Know Are In Development

The return of Killzone.

Killzone 5
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Even though we're still over a year out from its presumed launch date, all eyes are on the games that Sony has to offer up with the PS5. The current generation is starting to wind down, with the final hurrah of the PS4's life cycle presumably ending with The Last of Us Part 2, which releases next February, and it's got fans thinking about what's going to come next.

It's that point in the cycle where devs are treating next-gen games almost like an open secret, heavily hinting at their plans and explicitly hiring for projects that aren't going to release on current consoles.

Consequently, there's actually plenty of information out there that can be pieced together for a good view of what will be arriving on Sony's next machine over the first year or so of its life.

From big name exclusives and hotly-anticipated sequels to mystery projects that are only now coming into focus, these are the games that'll define the PS5's launch window.

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Killzone 5
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