11 Video Game Doctors Who Should Have Their Licences Revoked

We'd really rather these doctors weren't ready to see us now.

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Becoming a doctor requires a lot of studying and hard work. After that, it requires long hours dealing with stressful and emotional situations, and for most of us, doctors are people that we look up to and admire.

Sometimes, however, a doctor's intentions can be less than pure, especially in video games.

Some of the entries of this list have earned their place by betraying their Hippocratic Oath, taking advantage of their patients' vulnerability or trust, or simply by being the worst kind of mad scientist (yes, there is definitely a good kind - think Doc Brown from Back to the Future).

There seems to be a media fascination with doctors whose ethics are questionable at best, such as Hannibal Lecter, Nick Riviera, or even (on a lesser scale) Gregory House.

But video games are bursting with examples of the worst people ever to receive a doctorate, and they pop up in every genre imaginable.

After all, what's scarier than someone who has passed some of the most difficult and mentally demanding tests known to man, only to decides actually, they'd rather forget that, cause harm or even kill a few people?

11. Dr. Mario - Dr. Mario

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Mario has been part of the video game industry since 1981, and the Mario Franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time. His blue overalls, red hat and questionable moustache are iconic, and it's almost impossible not to love the little guy.

Love him, sure. But trust him to prescribe and administer your medication? Maybe not.

Dr. Mario was a Tetris knockoff released in 1990 that saw our favourite plumber thrust into the role of doctor, throwing pills into a bottle with the intent to align matching colours.

The whole bizarre scenario raises a few questions. The first being: If Mario has a doctorate, then why does he willingly climb through pipes most of the time?

The second question is: If Mario doesn't have a doctorate, a) why is he throwing pills around like that and, b) where did he get the pills from?

The mind boggles at all of the baffling implications, but Mario launching pills around willy-nilly becomes scarier the more you think about it.

Maybe he should forget this one and stick to platforming and kart racing.

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