11 Video Game Sequels Not Made For Their Original Audiences

10. DMC: Devil May Cry


Ninja Theory's reboot to the wildly ostentatious Devil May Cry saga attracted criticism from its fanbase for all the wrong reasons, because the game was actually fantastic.

What incensed fans so much about this wasn't that it would be a reboot. No, what they were so aggrieved with was the change of Dante's hair.

Despite the very real cosmetic changes to the series' environmental aesthetics, DMC was a clear improvement on the old Devil May Cry formula we all know and love. Sure, the story was given a change and Dante was given a new look - most likely to attract more audiences looking to dabble in the hack and slash genre - but to try and insinuate that it wasn't like the games of old is just plain silly.

Either way, DMC 5 looks brilliant, so at least fans will get the best of both worlds this time around.

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