11 Video Games With Severely Underused Secondary Characters

Sometimes we just more a little more sidekick time.

With The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie actually having been rendered as a pair of characters who are just as important as each other, it's obvious that games should never have to focus on a single character to carry the story forward. Sometimes, though, the most fascinating individuals come out with nothing more but a diminutive role in the entire game. Be it storyline purposes or lack of interest from the developers, we often see characters with great potential killed off, forgotten about or discarded from the rest of the game. In some cases, these characters get a deluxe - albeit late - treatment in the form of their own spin-off games or DLC. This article will talk about some of these lucky characters, too, but the ignored and forgotten characters are here to take the spotlight. These are the people, creatures, monsters and/or robots that have received the flip off treatment in one way or another. Some legendary, some obscure - all carrying the importance of their respective roles in the universes they've belonged to. And the eleventh entry is just as important as the first...

11. Psycho - Crysis

Yes, this is one of the lucky secondaries that I've talked about in the introductory paragraph. Even though his personality was recognized later on by Crytek (Crysis Warhead), Psycho was still wasted material in the original game. What little on-screen time he had, he was depicted as an as*hole and a stereotypical (comical, even) Brit in a game that was trying hard to take itself seriously. With other characters sharing the temperament of an average wooden plank, his characterization was even more accented, making him seem even worse in comparison. See, Crysis might have been a tech demo for all intents and purposes, but that doesn't mean there was no place for good characterization and some actual story. Interestingly, nobody would have thought that Psycho had anything likable about him had there been no Warhead. We were treated to a new, fairly interesting protagonist with a far more tense adventure than Nomad ever had. So Crytek brought this on themselves - you guys should have made Psycho awesome in the first place.

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