12 Best Jump Scares In Gaming History

Bring fresh underwear.

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Though jump scares in movies are often criticised as lazy attempts to easily frighten viewers, in the gaming world they can be much more visceral and effective due to a player's more active involvement in what's going on.

While some might still dismiss video game jump scares as low-effort and uninspired, at their absolute best they nevertheless create moments that burrow themselves deep into the primal part of the player's brain, never to be forgotten.

Either by toying with player expectations or simply hurling a disorientating sensory assault at them, these classic jump scares likely left you screaming, slamming the pause button with all your might, tearing off your headphones and maybe even fear-quitting the game altogether (at least for the night).

From decades-old horror classics to recent genre hits, these games prove just how versatile and effective jump scares continue to be. So switch the lights off, find your fanciest pair of headphones and hunker down for the most butt-clenching video game moments you can put yourself through this Halloween...

12. Mr. X Through The Wall - Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror classic filled with terrifying jump scares, be it the zombie hands reaching through a boarded-up window, a Licker bursting through the interrogation room glass, the crows attacking totally out of nowhere, or worst of all, Mr. X's sudden arrival while you're solving a puzzle in the RCPD conference room.

Mr. X only shows up during the game's "B" scenario and serves up easily the game's most pant-filling surprise, simply because his appearance is so unexpected, coming through the wall and bee-lining straight for the player.

Mr. X's gigantic, hulking size and the intense music only adds to the horror, not to mention that he repeats this trick moments later by bursting through another wall when you try to leave.


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