12 Best PS4 Exclusives Of The Generation So Far

What a phenomenal body of work.

Playstation 4 exclusives PS4

Remember when the only words associated with 'PS4 exclusives' were Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and The Order: 1886?

Sony must really have taken that realisation to heart, as after a few years in a variety of ovens, this past year has seen them roll out all manner of phenomenal titles, be it from first-party studios or licensed exclusives.

Point being: As the console wars rage on, Sony have finally amassed a body of titles that do their sales numbers and substantial lead justice; a veritable explosion of phenomenal, recommendable experiences that tick boxes in all the most bankable and enjoyable genres.

It may have taken quite while to get here, but right now - atop its stellar controller and more capable hardware - the PS4 is just as recommendable in regards to exclusives as it is a system overall.


Honourable Mention - The Last Of Us Remastered

the last of us
Naughty Dog

The only - I repeat, ONLY - reason Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterwork isn't higher up the list, is because it's not fundamentally a 'PS4 exclusive' - instead originating on the PS3.

For the following entries, I'm talking about games that (console-wise) are only available on the PS4.

So yes, The Last of Us is still phenomenal.

Cool? Cool.

Moving on...

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