12 Best Video Games Of 2020 - Ranked Per Month

ESSENTIAL video games you should play in 2021.

Sucker Punch

Thank God for video games.

2020 was, to put it mildly, quite the year. With the outside world increasingly resembling a sci-fi dystopia thanks to COVID-19, riots and cartoonishly incompetent global leadership, video games provided a much-needed distraction from the malevolent fustercluck that was 2020.

While other entertainment industries were hit hard by the events of the year, the gaming industry managed to stay strong and release quality entertainment for the public to enjoy during this most trying of years.

In this list, you'll see the best game released for each month of 2020, counting back from December all the way to January.

This does mean that some great games didn't make the cut due to being released in a crowded month (looking at you, March), but hopefully you'll understand our reasoning behind each pick even if you don't agree with it.

2020 may have been a s**t sundae of a year, with the inviting whipped cream of the opening weeks giving way to the fetid excrement that comprised the rest of the year, but at least these twelve juicy cherries helped make it a bit easier to swallow.


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