12 Biggest Upcoming Video Games That Could Release Killer Prologue Levels

Ground Zeroes has potentially opened the floodgates to triple-A titles having chunks released months before the main event, but which games would we want to see?

The recently released Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been receiving a lot of positive feedback, but the game also has a bit of controversy surrounding it. Ground Zeroes, which is currently priced at twenty dollars for digital copies and thirty dollars for physical copies, only has about two hours of gameplay in it; even less if you know what you're doing and completely disregard the five side missions. Some believe that the game is nothing more than an overpriced demo of the real game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which won't be released until early next year. Others view it as a necessary prologue to hook gamers into the next generation of Metal Gear and whet their appetites until the full game is ready to launch. Either way, Ground Zeroes is selling like hot cakes, and there are a ton of MGS fans who are more than happy to fish out any amount of dollars needed to play a brand new entry in the franchise. If Ground Zeroes continues its rise up the sales charts, it may lead to other developers creating and selling their own "prologue levels" of upcoming games. 2014 and 2015 are going to be big years for gaming, and here are twelve upcoming titles that, if given great prologue levels, could sell as much as or even greater than MGS V.

12. Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy series has been stumbling a bit these past few years with the lacklustre Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and the rough start that Final Fantasy XIV had back in 2010. But now with Final Fantasy XV on the horizon, the first "next gen" Final Fantasy game has been turning a lot of heads with an amazing gameplay trailer that is downright jaw-dropping at times. With a combat system that's now similar to the Kingdom Hearts games, plus a more realistic and less fantastical setting and time period, the fifteenth edition might just have what it takes to breathe new life into the Final Fantasy series. Gamers are impatiently waiting to get their hands on the game, and a prologue level sold separately that had a couple quests and introduced the characters and setting of the full game would have the fans scrambling for their cash and credit cards. More importantly, it would help give newcomers to Final Fantasy games a chance to try out a slice of the action before committing to a full retail price. Square would benefit greatly from flashing a small sample of its game before it officially launches in order to get back some of the fans who may have jumped ship from the Final Fantasy series in the past.

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