12 Broken Video Game Bosses We NEED To Call Out

11. Balder - Bayonetta 2

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In Bayonetta 2, our sexy heroine finds herself routinely pursued by a Lumen Sage called Balder. While in Inferno, Balder grows weary of the chase, and decides to slay the Umbra Witch then and there. Sprouting colossal peacock-like feathers, the angelic warrior soars towards Bayonetta, kicking off an epic fight.

Even though you have faced demons, angels, gods, and devils up until this point, this is the moment when the difficult curve skyrockets.

Balder has a ton of health, and can hit you with lightning-quick attacks with surgical precision. Although you need to rely on Counters to defeat bosses, this is really tough with Balder, since he doesn't telegraph his moves. He's constantly in the air and never stops moving, making him a tricky target.

To top it all off, Balder is really small.

Even though his wings are gigantic, you can only hurt him by hitting his body. But, because he keeps sweeping around the arena at dizzying speed while beating his wings, it's hard to tell where he is.

More often than not, you'll perform a massive combo, thinking you're chipping away at Balder's health, when you're actually hitting his wings, meaning he's receiving no damage.


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