12 Dumbest Video Game Plot Reveals Since 2010

"Right, so to save the world and stop the solar flare, you'll need to kill yourself"

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Everyone loves a good video game story - something that hurtles along at breakneck speed, throws out twists and turns that force you re-evaluate who's really on your side, and all-round, gives you a damn good reason to see something through to the credits.

Then... there are those titles that attempt to do the above, attempt to be memorable, edgy or otherwise impactful, only to trip and face-plant the floor.

Sadly, whether you ended up loving them in retrospect or were sat with the letters 'W', 'T' and 'F' swirling around your head at the time, the following are the most straight-up dumb plot reveals since 2010.

I mean, I love them anyway - mostly - but... well, you'll see.


12. The Boss Is An A.I. - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Metal Gear Solid is one dumb video game franchise. You just have to love it, but when you've got a series that combines water-walking vampires, octopus-armed Presidents and nanomachine-powered cyborg ninja-warriors well, we probably should've guessed Peace Walker's big twist, actually.

Alas, after revealing that despite being shot squarely in the head in MGS 3, The Boss appeared to be alive and talking at the beginning of the game, by Peace Walker's end it was revealed a simulation of her will and conscious had been recreated and 'transplanted' into an A.I. pod.

This took on another level of dumbf*ckery when near the close of the game, The Boss' actual spirit took over the A.I. pod and forced the nuclear-equipped mech it was controlling to drown itself, all in the name of world peace.

If I've got any part of that wrong, by all means please attempt to clarify it in the comments.

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