12 Little-Known Gaming Trivia Facts You Won't Believe

From sex advice in Zelda, to Minecraft's iconic mistake...

Though the history of gaming may be relatively brief when compared to the likes of literature or film, it's produced a dizzying number of amazing facts and trivia. With hundreds of games released every year (and that's not counting the titles created by indie developers) the amount going on in the industry at any one time is absolutely staggering. Many of the world's most popular, beloved franchises have rich, fascinating - often downright weird - histories too, from entire games accidentally spawned from glitches to the explicit translations the Zelda series desperately wants you to forget. There's so much going on that's easy to miss out on the most interesting stuff, which is why this list is essential reading to scratch that trivia itch.

12. The Zelda Series Features - And Acknoledges - Penis Enemies

Even if you haven't played The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening, you're bound to have seen some variation of the Buzz Blob enemy, which appears in many of the series' games, including A Link To The Past and the recent Tri Force Heroes, released on the Nintendo 3DS.

While it's true the enemies look slightly phallic, you'd never expect Nintendo to actually acknowledge it...right? Wrong. In the German version of Link's Awakening, these enemies can be transformed into a variation known as Cukeman by sprinkling them with magic powder. Upon being transformed, the Cukeman will utter €œNot without a condom!€ and €œGive me your juice, I'll give you mine.€ Sadly, this dialogue never made it UK or American releases, but still... it sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase €œit's dangerous to go alone€.
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