12 Little-Known Gaming Trivia Facts You Won't Believe

11. The Creeper From Minecraft Was Originally A Deformed Pig

The Creeper from Minecraft has become one of the most iconic enemies in modern video gaming. Known for its shrill hiss before detonation, it's hard to imagine the Creeper originating from a mistake, but like so many great things in gaming, that's exactly what it did.

If you've played any amount of Minecraft, chances are you're guilty of slaughtering an innocent pig for delicious pork. But the pigs in Minecraft perhaps aren't as innocent as you'd think. When originally creating the pig model, Minecraft's creator Markus Persson (or Notch as he's now become known) mixed up the axis, swapping the height and length values and creating a bizarre, deformed monstrosity. The pig's newly contorted shape inspired Notch to create a new kind of enemy, and the humble Creeper was born.
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