12 Most Replayable Video Games Of 2015

The games that'll tide you over until 2016 truly kicks in.

Given how expensive video games can be and how frequently developers attempt to gouge players for DLC that should be in the original game, value for money is a major concern to the discerning gamer now more than ever, because as anyone who bought The Order: 1886 knows, £40 for a five hour game is a pretty damn terrible deal. To cite some other recent examples, there's Evolve, which died a death rather quickly due to the lack of content, and Star Wars Battlefront, which is fitfully enjoyable if frustrating as most of the good stuff has blatantly been held back for DLC (which will cost almost as much as the "full" game). But what about the games that didn't cut corners and weren't trying to take players for a ride? The games from 2015 that ate up 50, 100, 200 or even close to 500 hours of your life depending on how much time you can actually physically devote to these damn things. Each of these 12 games served up an insane amount of action for your hard-earned cash, and should set an example for other developers to follow, that if you're not making a game worth a full retail asking price, then don't make that the asking price. Here are the titles we kept dragging ourselves back to time and time again this past year, the 12 most replayable games of 2015...

12. Splatoon

Who knew that a game about paintball on crack would end up being one of the year's most enthralling and fiendishly addictive multiplayer offerings? Splatoon was by far the Wii U's most intriguing new IP this past year, and a perfect example of a simple idea executed superbly: two teams face off over a sprawling map and attempt to paint as much of the map in their chosen colour as possible. The mechanics are easy to pick up and play, but with a steady stream of unlocks as you level up and a high level cap, there was plenty reason to stay glued to your Wii U over the second half of the year. Credit to Nintendo for also releasing a steady stream of new maps and weapons as free DLC: this is the sort of content rollout AAA franchises across the board should take note of. Splatoon is the sort of game you'll be dipping into for a quick 20 minutes for years, but at the same time, every so often you'll want a marathon session when you get the itch.

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