12 Most Underrated Video Games Of This Console Generation (So Far)

Someone, give these poor games some love!

Titanfall Battleborn This War Of Mine Alien Isolation Broforce
Free Lives Games/Respawn/2K Games

It's been a funny old generation. With remastered games being the order of the day, exclusivity being increasingly replaced with 'timed' exclusivity, and Microsoft's melding of its Xbox and Windows platforms, this gen of consoles hasn't quite felt like 'Where it's at' as it has in previous generations (Full Disclosure: PC Gamer here, with a dejected PS4 sitting in the corner of my room).

But dig beneath the surface, beyond the esteemed halls of hit AAA games, and there's a treasure trove of already-forgotten gems to discover. They may have been lacking the Metacritic averages, marketing budgets, or love from the gaming community, but these underrated games are more than deserving of a second look (plus many of them are dirt-cheap now, so that helps, right?).

Read on for our list of the most underrated games of this generation, ranging from ingenious indie games, to innovative shooters, to an awesome RPG not called Witcher or Fallout. Will you give them a home?

12. Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Titanfall Battleborn This War Of Mine Alien Isolation Broforce
Larian Studios

A rich, wonderfully deep RPG that can be played through in its entirety with a friend in the same room (or online). Surely that sentence alone is enough to prick up any gamer's ears?

But while Divinity is a critical darling, its Enhanced Edition came to consoles with little fanfare. Maybe it's to do with the old-school top-down perspective or the complex (yet rewarding) combat system, or that the 'console RPG' is the exclusive domain of The Witcher and Bethesda games, and gamers will not tolerate any pretenders.

Whatever the case, this is the definitive version of an epic open-world RPG spanning a fascinating lore-loaded world, with a deep levelling system, solid story, and cleverly-designed local co-op that shifts between split-screen and same-screen as and when required.


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