12 Reasons You Were Wrong About Batman: Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Montreal's prequel doesn't deserve any of the hate whatsoever.

Met with hostility from the very get-go, developer Warner Bros. Montreal's first foray into the Arkhamverse was bound to have its fair share of haters, but the mild reception it received upon its release was both unwarranted and illogical.

Batman: Arkham Origins introduced a character-driven narrative on par with some of DC's finest animated films, innovated the already well-refined Freeflow system pioneered by Rocksteady and highlighted an area of the Caped Crusader's career not often explored.

So why then, is it looked upon with such dismay?

There are of course things that the titular prequel could have improved upon, but the sheer disdain that many gamers have for the title just seems misplaced - an angry reaction to the absence of the series' creators, Rocksteady.

WB Montreal took the franchise to places not yet traversed by their predecessors, placing an emphasis on The Dark Knight's detective skills and his relationship with Alfred. Not only that, but Origins actually improved upon the foundations laid by the previous developers, yet popular opinion seems to dictate that its existence is unnecessary.

Origins has enriched the series rather than tarnished it, and it's about time time Bat-fans saw it for the stellar title it truly is.

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