12 Reasons You Were Wrong About Batman: Arkham Origins

12. It's A Truly Character-Driven Tale

Whilst Paul Dini's stint as Arkhamverse writer was mostly wonderful, the plot in Arkham City left much to be desired.

Though we were gifted with some truly ground-breaking story-telling, elements of the narrative felt disjointed and even too urgent as well. Dini definitely left the series on a high-note, but veteran writers Corey May, Dooma Wendschuh and Ryan Galletta's script manages to surpass Dini's in many ways. It was both refreshing and emotional, with the team taking a resoundingly character-driven approach previously on the back-burner.

Focussing on the relationships that came to define Batman's character allowed Origins to deliver some really emotional moments, both cinematic and subtle. Not only that, but the title created a sense of mystery that even managed to surpass Arkham Asylum's, delivering an amazing plot-twist that no one saw coming.

Whilst said twist was divisive, there is plenty to love about the rest regardless - whether that be the formation of Batman's relationship with The Joker or Bane being given the treatment he sorely deserves. Whatever your taste in Batman, there's bound to be something you'll love here.

No wonder the prequel's script was nominated for a Writer's Guild Award.

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