12 Reasons You Were Wrong About Batman: Arkham Origins

11. A Batman That Makes Mistakes

Rocksteady's previous entries had portrayed a Batman at the peak of his career - a seasoned crime-fighter who's been through everything and has still managed to persevere. WB Montreal's decision to embark on a title centred around the early days of Batman's career meant that it wouldn't make sense to depict him in the Rocksteady mould; instead a younger, less-refined version of the character was needed - a decision that definitely works in the game's favour.

This younger version of the World's Greatest Detective is shown both visually and verbally, as Bruce takes his brand of justice to the streets in a more exposed suit and an abrasive style. His often arrogant and holier-than-thou attitude is indicative of his tragic past, and an over-confident nature to boot helps create a sense of vulnerability distinctly absent from his later years as Gotham's protector.

The iteration of Batman in this title is very much more overt, not shying away from the brutal tactics reminiscent of Frank Miller's multiple runs on the character. Whilst he does have his limits, WB Montreal's decision to portray Bruce's formative years really works to their advantage.

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