12 Ridiculous Video Game Movies You Didn't Know Were Happening

11. Dead Island

The Game: A ludicrously violent survival horror role-playing game in which the player finds their tranquil island getaway overcome with a zombie plague, and must use any weapons at their disposal to stay alive. The Movie: Just a few weeks after the game came out, Lionsgate announced that they had bought the rights to Dead Island based off of the incredibly memorable original teaser trailer, and the movie would apparently be adapted from that premise (of a family fending off a zombie invasion) rather than the decidedly less-interesting story in the actual game itself. That deal eventually fell through, and the rights were then sold to Occupant Entertainment. Why It's Ridiculous: For one, isn't the whole zombie craze just a bit overdone by now? The market feels very much saturated with so many zombie video games and movies, and it's hard to imagine that this effort could possibly top something like The Walking Dead, which was pretty much cornered the zombie market these days. Tone is also an issue here: will it be a silly, over-the-top B-movie like the game, or will it veer closer to the more sober tone of that emotional first trailer?
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