12 Ridiculous Video Game Movies You Didn't Know Were Happening

12. Minecraft

The Game: The ludicrously addictive 2011 sandbox game, challenging players to use coloured blocks to construct whatever their imagination wills them to. Ever since its original release and subsequent ports to consoles and phones, Minecraft has been an immense critical and commercial success. The Movie: In February last year, Mojang confirmed they were in talks with Warner Bros. to get the film made with producer team Roy Lee (The Lego Movie) and Jill Messick (Mean Girls), while Shawn Levy (the Night at the Museum series) directs for a likely 2017 or 2018 release. Why It's Ridiculous: Because Minecraft doesn't have any plot at all to speak of, and there's not really the sense of conflict here which would indicate the potential for a movie adaptation. That said, last year's The Lego Movie proved that great things can spawn from the most unlikely of projects, so if this film takes a similar approach (even with a director as hit-and-miss as Levy), it could be a total blast.
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