12 Video Game Series That Are Crying Out For A Remake, Remaster Or New Entry

A wishlist of long forgotten franchises that deserve another shot in the limelight.


It seems like only yesterday that the console generation started, but as we’re approaching the end of the PS4 and Xbox One’s life cycles, it seems as though risk-averse publishers are ready to offer up reheated remasters.

Just in the last week, we’ve heard about the Mafia titles being given a fresh coat of paint as well as Tony Hawk preparing to once again kick-flip onto our consoles.

That’s all well and good, but there are still many more titles out there that desperately deserve a remaster to test the waters for a fresh entry.

In fact, some could even do with a full-scale Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy 7 style remake, revamping them so drastically that fans lose their minds over replaying a game they've already technically played.

And then, some others are crying out for a new instalment, that revitalises the series while remaining true to what made the franchise great to begin with.

From licensed fighting games to stealth games that have snuck into the shadows never to be seen again, we've put together some of the finest forgotten franchises that need some love.


I'm Lloyd, a freelance writer who longs for the return of stealth games and thinks Dishonored 2 is one of the greatest games ever made.