12 Video Games PlayStation Sent Out To Die

Look at how they massacred my boy.

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In many ways, the Playstation has been the most consistent console. The PSOne was the first system to outsell a main Nintendo system. The PS2 is the most successful console of all time. And with the PS5 still in high demand, the future looks blindingly bright for Sony.

However, that's not suggesting everything PlayStation touches turns to gold. Every once in a while, they'll toss out a game that looks like it was set up to fail. These titles are so unplayable, you wonder how the company had any faith in them to begin with.

What's more bizarre is some IPs play well when ported on every system EXCEPT the PlayStation version.

However, not every doomed title is a dud. Sometimes, a great game can fail because it was badly advertised or it was released at the worse time possible. Although situations like this usually boil down to bad luck, it seems like some disgruntled higher-up in the gaming industry was tasked with sabotaging these projects.

Whether you think the games on this list are great or mindbogglingly awful, every one of them feels like they were sent out to die.

12. Haze - PS3

horizon forbidden west elden ring

One of the most dangerous things that any gaming studio can do to an upcoming title is oversell it. Instead of letting Haze speak for itself, Ubisoft's first-person shooter was labelled as a "Halo-killer", giving it absolutely massive shoes to fill. Because of how much effort the company was putting into its marketing, it really looked like Ubisoft was confident Haze would give Microsoft's crown jewel a run for its money.

But not only did Haze fall short, it was an all-round dumpster fire. There are so many things wrong with this tripe, it would take less time detailing its positive qualities.

It suffers from idiotic AI, glitch-riddled gameplay, a microscopically-sized campaign mode, blurry visuals, a barren multiplayer, an incoherent plot, jittery animations, whiny characters and dire combat mechanics. (That's probably not everything.)

Even though it unabashedly rips off key elements from Halo, Haze has no problem stealing elements from Quake, Condemned 2, Crisis, Far Cry, and other games dramatically better than this abomination.

The only thing this supposed Halo-killer managed to kill was any chance Haze had of launching a franchise.

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