12 Worst Video Games Of 2022

They can't all be Elden Ring....

Babylon's Fall
Square Enix

2022 should pat itself on the back, since it's been a top year for the gaming community. Hyped titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Return to Monkey Island, and Sifu were just as awesome as we hoped. Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and God of War: Ragnarok surpassed expectations and dominated sales.

Sadly, not every game won fans over. The Callisto Protocol was crushingly disappointing. Diablo Immortal was fittingly diabolical. Gotham Knights was exactly as mediocre as we feared it would be.

But we're not looking at the good, the okay, or the underwhelming. We are delving into the RPGs, shooters, and platformers that are flat-out bad.

Not just "regular bad". We're talking about games so unplayably imprecise, uncreative, or lacking in content, you'll kick yourself for forking over £50+ on them. Although you can understand if an indie project doesn't match the same level as a mega-franchise IP, it's all the more stinging when a major studio dedicated a lot of time and money on a project, only for it to wind up as complete crap.

Even though the current generation of gaming is pushing itself to the absolute limit, these omni-shamble games are falling way behind.

12. Winter Ember

Babylon's Fall
Sky Machine Studios

Based on the trailer, Winter Ember looks like a pretty okay stealth game.

And that's exactly what you get with. This Assassin Creed's-inspired title isn't great. It's not good. It's just okay.

Before we slag Winter Ember off completely, let's look at some of the positive attributes. (Don't worry, this won't take long.) The moody aesthetic is wonderful, the music is beautiful, and it has a diverse range of innovative weapons and skills to master.

Because of these features, Winter Ember should be a lot of fun. However, the experience is heavily hampered by the doddering AI, inadequate combat, and humdrum story.

Also, for a stealth game, the stealth isn't great. The cover mechanics are so inconsistent, you'll avoid implementing them every chance you can. For example, you're urged to put out candles to avoid being seen. But because this strategy leaves you in darkness, it's better to leave the candles lit and risk the guards spotting you.

But that's not all. Attempting to assassinate enemies without arousing suspicion fails so often, it's better to wail at everyone with no rhyme or reason. Basically, if a player is avoiding the stealthy option in a stealth game, there's something wrong with the gameplay.


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