13 More Hardest Xbox One Achievements Of 2017

A senseless grind or a difficulty that makes you question life - take your pick.

Call of Duty: WWII Zombie

In the world of achievements, there are multiple reasons why certain ones can be looked at as an incredible pain, or just straight impossible to unlock.

One of those reasons is luck. Some achievements take RNG into account, where multiple things need to go perfectly your way for you to even have a chance of unlocking the achievement. You could put hours of work in, only for one random factor to ruin everything.

Another aspect is the amount of time it takes. There's achievements out there that take as little as seconds to unlock, like the infamous achievement in The Simpsons Game that unlocks after you hit start on the main menu. Then there are some that take hundreds upon thousands of hours to unlock.

Then of course comes skill. Some achievements are cake-walks, like ones that require you to complete levels in a game's story. Then there are ones that want you to master all aspects of a game to unlock. It's like beating Call of Duty on easy versus completing every boss battle in Cuphead.

Combine all three of these factors into one achievement and you have yourself a nightmare.

Earlier this year, I went over some of the hardest achievements this year has to offer. As the months have passed, more achievements have come to light that torture achievement hunters daily.

13. The Will To Live - The Long Dark

Call of Duty: WWII Zombie
Hinterland Studio

The Long Dark is a first-person survival game where you must fight to survive, both figuratively and literally, in the frozen Canadian wilderness. The achievement The Will To Live requires you to survive 500 days in a single Survival Mode game.

Five-hundred days is a daunting task to begin with, but when you factor in all the things this game throws at you it seems like an eternity. See, The Long dark isn't just a survival game where you manage your health and can wait out the time. No, in this game you need to manage your warmth, hunger, thirst, fatigue and all those silly little things that keep humans alive.

To gain this achievement, you're going to have to be one with the wilderness. You'll need to plan ahead, hunt to secure enough food, scavenge to secure enough materials and pray a bear doesn't eat you at day 499. Seeing how every game is different, with all items, tools, food and animals spawning in different locations it's hard to even go in with a plan.

Even when you turn to a guide to help you, you'll be met with a wall of text. Those guides will go as far as telling you how many hours of the day to sleep, how much to drink and how many calories to intake in a day. Yes, you need to count your in-game calories to make this achievement work.

This has only been accomplished by a handful of gamers, and is sitting at a pretty 0.01% unlock rate on the Xbox.

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