13 More Hardest Xbox One Achievements Of 2017

12. Blast From The Past - Fallout Shelter

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Fallout Shelter was a mobile game that tended to gamers as they were patiently waiting for Fallout 4 to release. This year saw it's free console release, and with it came the Blast From The Past achievement, which requires you to collect 20 legendary dwellers in a single vault.

Legendary dwellers in Fallout Shelter are the best of the best, and incredibly, incredibly rare. There's only 23 of them in the game, which makes it sound like even more of a nightmare until you realize you can collect duplicates. However, being able to have the same person twice doesn't make this any less of a pain.

What makes this so awful? Well it's the fact that the only way to gain legendary dwellers, outside of the couple you can snag in a quest, is from lunchboxes. Which you've guessed correctly, are Fallout Shelter's version of lootboxes.

Like most lootboxes, you can earn lunchboxes through regular play, albeit very rarely. Those rare lunchboxes you have for free have an even rarer chance of netting you a legendary dweller too, as do all lunchboxes. Even if you decide to pour money into the game, you have incredibly slim chances of snagging one of these dwellers. Some report that they only gain 1 for every 20 lunchboxes, and that's on the optimistic side.

If you are going for this with the mindset that you aren't spending a dime on microtransactions, good luck. The amount of lunchboxes you get for free, on top of the small drop rate of the dwellers makes it almost impossible, unless you're the luckiest person on Earth.

A surprising amount of people have managed to unlock this however, as it's currently sitting at 0.09% on the Xbox. It's a wonder though, how much money was collectively spent to get there.

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