13 Severely Underrated Horror Games You Must Play For Halloween

Vampires and demons, and Xenomorphs, oh my.

It's that time of the year again when the leaves turn orange, jack-o'-lanterns peer down from doorsteps and horror movie marathons slice a bloody path through broadcasting schedules. We've all got our own little Halloween traditions. Whether it's snuffing out every light in the house before hunkering down in front of the TV with a big ol' bag of popcorn, or catching up on that backlog of Stephen King novels as the encroaching darkness teases goosebumps out of our skin - but for us gamers, 'custom' usually entails painting the screen crimson as we dive into the digital realm in search of frights. And with catalog of horror titles stretching back decades, we're never short on options. Resident Evil, F.E.A.R., Amnesia, Outlast, Until Dawn - chances are your seasonal playlist involves any (or all) of the above, but there's a veritable goldmine of outstanding titles that have yet to receive the same level of recognition. Whether you're craving pulse-pounding FPS action, or the slow burn of old-school survival horror, there's plenty of options to get your fix. So let's dig in, shall we? I've done my best to compile a diverse mix of games, but at the end of the day features like this are a matter of subjectivity. So with that in mind I hope you'll list your favourites in the comments below. Who knows, maybe you'll add a few games to my Halloween playlist as well.

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