13 Worst Video Game Industry Decisions Of 2017 (So Far)

Oh, BioWare.

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There's no doubting that the first half of 2017 has been an incredible time for gamers: Q1 boasted one of the best AAA line-ups of any year, and the stage is firmly set for the second half of the year to be another for the ages.

That said, the gaming industry is a fickle and complicated business, so it's no surprise that there's been a lot of terrible decisions made by publishers, developers and "the big three" over the last six months.

From complacent over-confidence to blatant greed, a depressingly refusal to adapt to modern times and even a case of petty revenge, these video game industry decisions may well have reverberations for years to come, and fans aren't sure to forget how terrible they were any time soon...


13. Sony Refuses Cross-Play With Other Consoles

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With Microsoft revealing cross-play features for Minecraft between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, and the Switch version of Rocket League similarly allowing players to compete across platforms, gamers began to wonder why, exactly, there was no mention of the PS4.

As it turns out, Sony has been dragging their feet, and PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan eventually gave a rather unconvincing reasoning that it was in order to protect young PS4 players from other potentially unsavory players on other platforms.

It was the weakest of excuses, especially given how protective Nintendo is of its own young players, and basically just confirmed that Sony doesn't want to play ball because they're in first place. It's anti-consumer and just plain arrogant, because if all platforms have cross-play, all players win.

"For the players", Sony? Doesn't seem so.


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