14 Best Christmas-Themed Levels In Video Games

10. The Sledding Sections - Home Alone

This little gem will be quite the nostalgic-trigger for any 90s kid who had a Genesis/Mega Drive. Thanks to games back then barely having tutorials or in-depth 'mechanics' as such, Home Alone literally just threw you into the innocent little shoes of Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister and said "Go on, then!" Thing is, in a time before open-world games and GTA in general, having certain portions of the neighbourhood to bomb around in was fantastic.

Physics be damned, you'd be off tearing through snowmen and scooting across the ice in your sled, racking up the points as you went. The majority of the game consisted more of side-on platforming sections as you evaded criminals and ping'd their backsides with a BB gun, but its the various sled-riding sections that made you feel (as a kid, remember) that there were a few street's worth of pure snow-covered freedom to explore.

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