14 Best Marvel Superhero Video Games

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Developer Raven Software really don't get enough credit. Not only did they give you the phenomenal X-Men Legends discussed earlier, but also this X-Men Origins movie tie-in, the only good thing to come from the first Wolverine-themed spin-off back in 2009 by a long shot. Combat was straight-up God of War, with plenty of combos and eviscerating grapples put to good effect - however the really sweet thing that no developer before or since has done, is actually model in real time Wolverine's healing factor. The character model here had a skeletal structure complete with muscle tissue and flesh layered on top, meaning that every blade or bullet that connected would tear him apart - only to reconstitute as you moved on. It was a fantastically subtle innovation that instantly made fans of the character know Raven understood and cared about the character, and when they let him loose doing everything from sky-diving without a parachute straight into an enemy's head to downing a helicopter by throwing its pilot amongst the rudders in mid-air... it's easily the best use of Wolverine's many talents across any solo effort.
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