14 Hotly-Anticipated Video Games Still Coming Before Christmas 2016

Seriously, these last four months are PACKED.

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It's easy to think that in a year where we've already had Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, DOOM and the mighty Overwatch, the best has been and gone.

But oh, how wrong you'd be.

In a similar vein to how 2015 ended with the triple-barrel onslaught of The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V, 2016's final three months are absolutely rammed with landmark release after landmark release.

Returning franchises, not one but two games coming out of 10 year development cycles dressed to impress, unique exclusive IPs that'll bolster their respective console libraries and everything in between, it seems a fairly empty summer was all in service of peppering us with nonstop releases from here to Christmas.

Buckle up...

14. Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy XV
Square Enix

One of two titles on this list that's been in development for around 10 years, Final Fantasy XV has seen name-changes, team changes and entire chunks of itself siphoned off and sold as different games entirely.

The end result is something that may appear troubled, but in actuality has a lot to offer. Its plot centres on a Prince (Noctis) who's travelling the land with three companions, opening up the series to its first ever attempt at going open-world.

This results in a supremely cool concept that meshes things like cars, iPhone-like devices and modern tropes like firearms and gas stations... with hulking fantastical beasts and packs of smaller creatures to hunt down.

It's old and new simultaneously, and this approach to meshing two otherwise contrasting art styles together provides the most appeal. Still, time will tell come November, whether it's all been worth the wait.

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