14 Insane E3 2016 Announcements That Would Shock The World

Come on Valve, it's about damn time.

Half Life Resident Evil 6 Metroid Portal

We're drawing ever-closer to this year's E3, and it's always a ton of fun to speculate about what the annual trade show might serve up.

Now, it's fair to say that E3 2016 is going to struggle to deliver the sheer number of shocks and surprises that made up last year's magnificent event, but that hasn't stopped the rumour mill working overtime all the same.

With so many long-awaited titles, both announced and not, possibly waiting in the wings to be unveiled to the salivating gaming audience, even if this year's show doesn't live up to last year's, it still has the potential to shock us in a number of ways.

From highly-anticipated sequel announcements to a certain remake we all want to see, special deals for the most loyal consumers and so much more, here are 14 insane E3 announcements that would shock the world...

14. A Major Game Is Released Immediately After A Conference

Half Life Resident Evil 6 Metroid Portal

The Announcement: Though we're used to indie games getting spontaneously released immediately after being announced at E3, what if a developer was ballsy enough to show off gameplay footage from a new AAA title, only to announce that the full game could be downloaded immediately after the conference was over?

How Likely Is It?: It would be undeniably awesome if something like Crackdown 3, Dead Island 2, Gravity Rush 2, or dare we dream, The Last Guardian, were available out of nowhere, but considering the ridiculous amount of thought that goes into planning marketing campaigns months, even years ahead of time, there's no way a publisher would risk losing money through lack of brand awareness. Plus, what about all the physical copies?

Maybe a maverick publisher will be brave enough to do it some day, but not yet, until spontaneous E3 releases become a much bigger deal and their success can be convincingly proven. 2/10

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