14 Most Memorable Closing Lines In Video Game History

Finish Him! Simple, irresistible, and devastatingly brutal.

Games have always been about providing an experience that the participant can actually partake in; unlike books or movies, in video games the player has a lot more control over the action and story, providing a more memorable experience for them. Instead of just reading the plot, or watching the story, the player gets input in the process, and in some cases even determines the outcome of the game or any future instalments of any given title, which is part of the reason that the game industry continues to grow bigger everyday. However, like everything else, all good things must come to an end, which offers developers an opportunity to sign off their adventures in style, either setting up future additions to the franchise, or offering a memorable stamp that rounds the game out in an intriguing or engaging manner. Inevitably, games have a wide variety of endings, from tear-jerkers to intentionally obtuse cliffhangers, and each comes with a final line that should wrap up the action in a satisfying, or at least diverting manner. The best closing lines truly make us feel things, which is not always a given in the gaming industry, or make us feel as though we were truly involved in the events of the story. These endings may be stir a sense of loyalty or a conviction of justice, as though the player was actually a hero, not just merely controlling one, or the finale may leave the player begging for more, not ready to give up on the adventure that they spent hours and days on. The game might just also inspire an unintentional emotional response - compelling the player to crack up despite the otherwise serious subject matter - or outrage that something was left infuriatingly open-ended. To celebrate those responses, we've put together a comprehensive list of the very best closing lines in video game history.

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