14 Most Underrated Open-World Games Of The Last 10 Years

14. No Man's Sky

Hello Games

What killed No Man's Sky wasn't the quality of the title itself, but the hordes of fans expecting a space exploring adventure game that developer Hello Games never intended to make in the first place. Sure, the studio perhaps didn't do much to clarify the mixed signals surrounding the title, but there's no denying that what players had imaged No Man's Sky being was far out the realm of what the small team working on the title were actually capable of achieving.

But if you stand back from the hype and baggage that was attached to the adventure game upon its first release and appreciate the title for what it actually is - a rather impressive procedurally generated game of intergalactic resource gathering - then it more than achieves what it set out to do.

Plus since its initial launch the developers have continually added to the base game, which combined with a rather severe price cut ($60 was always too expensive, no matter which way you cut it), makes the idea of jumping back into No Man's Sky a rather inviting prospect.


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