14 Perfectly Timed "Oh Sh*t!" Gaming Images

Nothing to see here. Wait... What?

Screenshots are one of the most important tools available to a modern gamer. They allow us to pass something we've experienced in a game to other people, so each and every screengrab tells a certain story, whether it's macho bragging or ridiculous comical moments caught perfectly. A well-timed screenshot can say everything about the importance of a gaming moment, and often, screenshotters can unwittingly capture a perfect moment just before imminent death, or just as a hulking bad guy swings a massive limb in their direction. These are the "Oh Sh*t!" moments that deserve celebration: the rare perfect storm of threat, player stupidity and good photography skills that captures some hilarious, or downright disturbing glimpses at usually fleeting moments that would usually be lost forever to Game Over scenes. In every case, something bad is just about to happen, whether to the hero (in the most spectacular of cases) or in even rarer cases, to a villainous NPC without so much as a shred of awareness that he's running headlong into a world of hurt.

14. Silent Hill - The Blissful Ignoramus

The hero might win points for his observation that that is "probably" a doghouse (not entirely sure why the vagueness,) he not only fails to notice the incriminating pool of blood right in front of him, he also spectacularly misjudges the ninja Hell hound flying towards him. Irony, thy name is Silent Hill. That will teach Harry to not be so blase about environmental details like giant pools of blood that would usually make others run away in terror, or at least might creep them out a little bit. We can only theoreticize about what happened later, but there's a good chance profanity was involved.

13. Devil May Cry 4 - The Mob

First of all take note of the crimson red something in the middle of the screen - yep, that's our demonic protagonist, Dante. Everything else on the street is pretty much just cannon (sword) fodder waiting to be murdered, though rather frustratingly, there are way too many enemies to sufficiently deal with all of them. The real kicker - even ignoring this many enemies, and such little room to negotiate them - and what qualifies this as a perfect "Oh Sh*t!" moment, is the health bar in the top left hand corner. Or what remains of it, anyway. That lonely little green box indicates that one more hit and Dante is dead. Which makes the fact that he's standing in the middle of a squall of baddies somewhat unfortunate. Perhaps it's down to the fact that the photographer was clearly more committed to taking snapshots than actually killing bad guys...?

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