14 Upcoming PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Games - Ranked By Anticipation

Will Sony continue to dominate?

Upcoming Video Games

With the industry in the peak of its mid-cycle existence, we're seeing every major company firing on all cylinders.

Nintendo have delivered one of the best first years in their entire history, Sony are welcoming scores of fresh exclusives off the production line after a middling first couple of years, and Microsoft... well, Microsoft finally have exclusives to talk about. Yes, within days of reading this you'll be hearing about Rare's long-awaited Sea of Thieves, and... although it's then another couple of months until State of Decay 2, at least it's something.

All of this is incredibly interesting and worth parsing out, as although we'll be focusing on games overall, the industry is in a strange place when it comes to consoles and hardware. VR has suitably failed to take off, and both Sony and Microsoft appear to be investing heavily in streaming services.

The latter's Phil Spencer even remarked that the next Xbox might not be a "box" at all, but at least we can rest assured that the following titles will all be available on the hardware you can buy right now.

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