15 Best Easter Eggs, References & Secrets In Pokémon History

From hidden tributes to secret animations, hidden Pokemon and more.

Turning 20 years old in 2016, Pokémon has gone from the pixel-heavy black and white look of the 90s to the gorgeously-rendered 3D environments of every major Nintendo console under the sun. It's one of the most popular and recognisable gaming franchises on the planet - perhaps second only to Mario and friends - and it's been a huge part of many peoples' childhoods, so much so that thousands of fully grown adults across the globe can still recount the names of all 150 original creatures. To date, there have been six generations of Pokémon games, not to mention the countless spin-offs which range from Pokémon Snap and Hey You, Pikachu!, to Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Rumble U. In fact, it's estimated that there has been approximately 60 Pokémon games released since 1996, and that's not even including the more obscure arcade, mobile and PC titles that have found their way onto the market as well. There have been so many Pokémon games released over the years that you can bet there's been a fair share of secrets and easter eggs, as well plenty of hidden references to movies, books and even other Nintendo games. Many have been well documented, but there's sure to be something on this list that even the most diehard fan was unaware of. Here are 15 of the very best easter eggs, references and secrets in Pokémon history...

15. Diamond Dust Birthday Treats - Pokémon Diamond

If you play Pokémon Diamond or Pearl on January 12th, a special kind of snow will fall in Snowpoint City, called Diamond Dust. In gameplay terms it has no affect in battle and won€™t affect the way the game is played; it just sparkles slightly. However, the significance of the date is that January 12th happens to be the birthday of lead developer and composer for the series, Junichi Masuda. Diamond Dust also makes an appearance in Pokémon Black and White, falling on December 31st in Icirrus City in celebration of New Year€™s Eve. Lastly, you can find the same stuff in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver on October 10th, though the significance of those dates is unknown. It€™s a rare phenomenon that€™s worth keeping an eye out for, though it has to real purpose besides looking pretty.
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