15 Best Easter Eggs, References & Secrets In Pokémon History

14. Saying "PlayStation" - Hey You, Pikachu!

Hey You, Pikachu! was developed by Ambrella Games back in 1998 during the height of Nintendo€™s commercial rivalry with Sony. As a result, if you say €œPlaystation€ into the microphone, Pikachu will become enraged and unleash a hellish thunderbolt in your general direction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEj3QakhfRs What€™s really funny is that many of the commands in the game don€™t actually work; the game€™s notoriously faulty, and Pikachu will often misunderstand or disregard even your most blatant commands. But, the word €œPlaystation€ always seems to catch his attention, every single time, without fail.
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