15 Best Easter Eggs, References & Secrets In Pokémon History

13. Youngster Ben's Shorts - Various

In Pokémon Red and Blue, there€™s a trainer on Route 3 named Youngster Ben. Before battle, Ben will say €œHi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear€. For reasons unknown, this struck a chord with the Pokémon community, and Youngster Ben became somewhat of a running gag in future games. In Pokémon Black and White 2, a women in Humilau City will say €œthis dress is comfy and easy to wear€, as a direct call back to Youngster Ben. Again, in Pokémon X and Y, a trainer named Youngster Keita can be encountered on Route 5 who will ask the player if she/he wants to know why he likes wearing shorts in the tall grass. After the battle, he€™ll tell you it€™s because €œthey're comfy and easy to wear!€
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