15 Best Haunted Houses In Video Games

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Resident evil 8 house Beneviento baby

"Haunted house" levels are really prevalent throughout gaming, and not even just in horror titles. If a game isn't going for complete realism, it'll likely have some kind of spooky environment at some point, and there’s a good chance that it'll be a scary house.

It makes sense as to why they're so prevalent, you can do a lot with the setting and after spending thousands of hours making a colourful game for kids, you might want to make one level a little darker.

Of course, they are more common in horror games though.

So let's set some ground rules:

Firstly, this isn't the scariest haunted houses in gaming. Whilst it has no shortage of absolutely terrifying buildings, it also has some that just have a horror aesthetic but aren't exactly scary.

Also, not every house on this list is haunted in the traditional sense of just being filled with ghosts. They do however all have the haunted house aesthetic, and contain some kind of monster out to get you.

Because it turns out "Best Haunted Houses In Video Games" sounds better than "Best Haunted Houses In Video Games Although Some Of Them Aren't Actually Haunted In A Traditional Sense Because They Don't Have Literal Ghosts In Them".

15. Himuro Mansion - Fatal Frame

Resident evil 8 house Beneviento baby

There are a few things that connect the Fatal Frame games together, ghosts, a ghost fighting camera known as the Camera Obscura, some weird ritual usually involving twins, and some creepy building to explore. The creepy building aspect of the series peaked in the first entry with Himuro Mansion.

Not only is the building overrun by ghosts but it also has a dark history to uncover that makes the presence of spirits in the area make a lot of sense. I won't go into this history of the Himuro Mansion as it's really deep and half the fun of a Fatal Frame game is learning about what went wrong this time, but just so you know, a lot went wrong.

The Himuro Mansion serves as a really scary setting, the biggest problem is that it isn't big enough to sustain the entire game. You spend so much time revisiting old areas and redoing the same puzzles that you will get annoyed by the end of your playthrough.

Still, it's a terrifying location that is worth a visit if you love horror games.

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