15 Best Hidden Gem Video Games Of The Decade

Control deserves your attention.


Compressing ten years' worth of video games into a single list is never easy. With cutting edge events like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seeing the decade out, it's easy to forget that groundbreaking titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 were there to usher it in.

What I mean by that is there have been a ridiculous amount of great titles released in that time, and the industry as a whole has shifted through so many revolutions (and arguably devolutions) over the past ten years that putting together the pieces and writing these lists is a daunting task.

With so many genre-defining projects dropping over that period being held up now it's coming to a close though, it shouldn't be forgotten that just as many great games slipped through the cracks.

These releases, for whatever reason, didn't get their time to shine and were largely ignored by audiences, and that is a total travesty. They're some of the best experiences the decade had to offer, and this is your last chance to rectify missing out on them.

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