15 Best-Looking Video Games Of The Decade

Every frame a painting.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Back in 2013, at the start of the generation, there was the worry that Sony and Microsoft's new consoles wouldn't offer a substantial leap in graphical quality.

However, while it is true that those original machines were underpowered, developers across the board have continued to push the boundaries of what video game visuals can be, both from a raw technical perspective as well as the array of art styles available.

In fact, this gen in particular has benefitted from a real diversity in design. Grey-and-brown shooters defined the late 2000s, but the 2010s ushered in colour and creativity, with the likes of Overwatch indulging in cartoon aesthetics while titles like Metro Exodus embraced gritty, post-apocalyptic realism - not to mention experimental indies that looked like nothing else.

Consequently, the criteria for entries on this list isn't just about raw, graphical power, but how games used that alongside imaginative art direction to create the most interesting, inspired visuals that take your breath away every time you see them.


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