15 Best-Looking Video Games Of The Decade

15. Octopath Traveller

octopath traveller
Square Enix

Octopath Traveller was supposed to be Square Enix's attempt to embrace the company's older RPG sensibilities, to the point where the art style was made to mimic something ripped straight from the PS1. The inventive character designs bare all the blemishes of the graphics from that era, leaving elements to your imagination but remaining detailed enough to establish a cohesive visual style.

The pixelated 2D sprites and simple backdrops evoke an older (arguably simpler) time for the genre, but it's not just nostalgia that makes Octopath Traveller so damn visually appealing - it's the way these throwback sensibilities have been updated to work with modern game design.

The RPG is what you remember older RPGs looking like through rose-tinted glasses, and that's not something easily accomplished.


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