15 Best PS1 & PS2 Survival Horror Video Games

Don't call it a comeback, been spookin' for years.


Resident Evil 2 being remade is both a momentous occasion and a testament of the fans for their support of a game twenty one years old.

Fully remade/rebuilt from scratch, it has already surpassed the lifetime sales of Resident Evil 7 in its first few weeks of launch. Resident Evil 2's remake is a faithful homage to the original that brings modern elements like tighter shooting and a more tactile inventory system, all encompassed in the purest horror sensibilities the franchise has seen.

But what about those that came before, or in the wake of it?

Sony's first two consoles were absolute behemoths with massive back catalogues of all things action and scary, from outright horror to imitators of the Resident Evil formula, for better or worse.

Now, some of these games are neither strictly horror nor action, but often a blend between the two. Action games with horror-esque leanings, or horror games with some action in them. So don't expect hack and slash games with an obligatory sewer section to be mentioned, for example.

So, with clenched teeth and sweaty palms, let's take a look (in no particular order) at some of the best pant-wetters we had back in the day.


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