15 Best-Selling Video Games Since 2010 - Ranked Worst To Best

14. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (2013, PS3 & X360) - 20.04 Million

The worst-playing and most 'forced' COD of them all actually held steady in the face of some truly shocking marketing beforehand. Firstly, Ghosts was shown off with 'revolutionary' dog motion-capture, before the devs popped up in various interview snippets touting how 'incredible' animations for mantling over waist-high walls or going into a slide were going to 'change everything' about Call of Duty on the new generation. Seasoned gamers saw through this like a Halo bubble shield, but it seems all that talk translated into sales, as Ghosts went on to become the fourth highest-selling COD of the decade. It stands to reason then, that the rumours of Ghosts 2 being unveiled at E3 2016 hold water after all.
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