15 Best Video Game Acting Performances Of The Decade

These performances deserve ALL of the awards!


What are video game characters, if not vessels for us mere gamers to experience the most outlandish worlds and emotional stories? And what are those characters without solid performances to back them up? Together with them, our experience of shooting, stabbing, jumping, and punching is all the better, as those deadly blows are dealt by someone we eventually come to know, and potentially love (or hate).

While the video game industry can so often be riddled with characters that have taken the proverbial back seat to gameplay, graphics and social features, every now and then this trend will be bucked, with a game delivering some truly superb performances that bring their characters to life. These performances are only heightened and further appreciated within video games, as the collaborative nature leaves animators, writers, designers, performers and actors all with an equal part to play (pardon the pun).

As 2020 stalls to a complete halt, we thought it was time to look back to those performances that stuck in the back of our minds. The emotional, the inspiring, the disturbing, the whimsical - the best of the last decade.

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