15 Best Video Games Of The Year (So Far)

As we come up on the halfway mark of the year, which essential titles do you need to own?

Games Of The Year 2014 It's been a funny old year for gaming in 2014; not just because of the constant corporate flip-flopping spilling out from behind the scenes, but just because of the somewhat false start many of us still feel the 'next generation consoles' have had. You can identify the problem primarily by the fact that none of us are too comfortable losing the 'next-gen' moniker and converting to current, as so unestablished are the effects of this new consoles, it still feels like they're being thoroughly under-utilised. However, while the general conversations around gaming's future are fraught with discussions around the collector's nightmare of an all-digital future and that of VR headsets ping-ponging our eyeballs out of sync if they're calibrated so much as a centimetre out, there are still a plethora of great games amongst the rabble that have been putting smiles on faces while reminding us of the joys of playing through until the wee hours of the morning. From Metal Gear possibly letting its foot slip on the tightrope of challenging artistry vs. consumer acceptance thanks to some extremely off-putting scenes involving a young girl and a bomb through to what is probably going to be remembered as The Most Offensive Game Ever Made in South Park: The Stick Of Truth, the year was off to a somewhat rocky start especially being that even now seven title on this list are available on old hardware. but if you can get far enough away from corporate messaging snafus and back into a genuine love of gaming, there's a really great selection of titles more varied than a series of Microsoft press releases.
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