15 Biggest Video Game Lies You've Been Told This Decade

Is the industry more full of it than ever?

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It's not until you've been exposed to the industry for a good chunk of time - enough to go through some of life's own trials and tribulations, hopefully maturing along the way - that you realise just how out of control a lot of its marketing can be.

Even after a game has 'gone gold' i.e. off to the printers, many publishing wings will take reviewers' comments out of context, completely re-appropriating any given sentiment to 'sucker you in' to buying their product.

Simply down to the cost and overall size of the industry right now (though looking back, these practices have always been prevalent), there's a moral-cleansing 'need' to shift units - one that feels as though it boils down to "Say whatever you need to, just move our game!"

Alas, this generation we've seen some of the biggest porkers in the history of the medium, many of which resulted in lawsuits, the death of franchises, the tarnation of once-beloved industry figures, or all three.

Honestly, if lies are porky pies, the games industry is a meat packing plant.

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