15 Biggest WTF Moments In The Witcher Trilogy

All is never what it seems, in the world of The Witcher...

Witcher 3 threesome
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The Witcher games have a knack for stirring up certain feelings within the player, most of them overwhelmingly positive. The series, based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels of the same name, is known for being a high watermark of virtual storytelling; offering a nearly unparalleled level of quality across the board in regards to its writing, storytelling, and world-building.

With all that being said, this franchise can be pretty strange sometimes, and that's a very good thing. The games have a very wide-ranging sense of shock value, and because they are so huge and sprawling, there are a lot of moments that vary from bizarre to disturbing, hilarious and everything in between.

The following are the most notable and memorable of such moments across all three Witcher games and their expansions. Whether intentional or not, these moments are unforgettable for their ability to take you by complete surprise; to baffle you, or make you laugh, cringe or even tear up...

15. The Trolls Of Vergen

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One of the more amusing creatures you come across in the Witcher games are the trolls. These hulking, simple-minded creatures don’t always pose an immediate threat, and sometimes even get tangled up in Geralt’s business, which is exactly what happens during The Witcher 2 while he is out looking for Triss Merigold.

Geralt comes across a troll in the outskirts of Vergen, who, after some prodding, says he saw the sorceress fall from the sky. Seeing that she was wounded, he brought her back to his lair to help her recuperate. However the troll’s wife got jealous, leaving him to take care of the strange red-headed woman himself. Eventually Triss woke up and ran away, leaving the troll all alone.

Suddenly, Geralt finds himself caught up in the domestic dispute of a troll couple, and there are multiple ways to resolve it, some of which are very bloody. The best ending sees the two reconcile, which pays off later when they come to your aid during the battle against Henselt. It’s an unexpectedly charming plot point that’s both funny, potentially tragic, and humanises the trolls to the point where you feel bad whenever you do have to put one down - which is more often than you'd like.


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