15 Biggest WTF Moments In The Witcher Trilogy

14. The Paperchase Quest

witcher 3 papercase quest
CD Projekt RED

When playing The Witcher 3, you expect to engage in epic monster brawls and fast-paced sword fights, along with some detective work sprinkled in between for good measure. The last thing you ever expect is to spend your time doing the menial ordinary tasks that are all too common in the real world. This is what makes the Paperchase quest such an unconventional experience.

During the Blood & Wine expansion, Geralt finds out that an old acquaintance set up a bank account, which has accumulated interest over the years. Thus this quest is simple: retrieve your sums from the account.

Oh, if only it were that easy. Geralt turns up to the local bank to collect his savings and is met with a headache inducing amount of bureaucracy; directing him to different departments and requiring him to acquire and fill out multiple forms...

It is clearly satirical in nature, but also scarily true to life. There is a sick pleasure in seeing Geralt deal with such familiar issues, and eventually it gets so bad that he’s forced to use underhanded tactics to get his money. And yet, despite all your effort, Geralt is only awarded a paltry 500 orens, which in hindsight seems hardly worth the frustration all that red tape put him through.

Oh well, at least you get to play some Gwent while you wait.


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