15 Criminally Underrated PS4 & Xbox One Games You Must Play

How to fill the Arkham Knight shaped hole in your life.

Rare Ltd

It's hard to remember what gaming was before the likes of The Witcher 3, Overwatch and Rocket League. All these titles have eaten up so much time in players' lives that its understandable why so many consumers have overlooked the other great games releases since launch.

By now, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have amassed a rather impressive video game library in the almost two years they've been on sale, and as a result there's a plethora of hidden (and not so hidden) gems out there that you will have wrongly rejected in favour of a more well-reviewed releases.

But reviews aren't everything, and with the price reductions inherent in being on store shelves for months and the added bonus of developers continuing to provide extra content and patches for their titles, these lower scoring games start to look a bit more appealing after a couple of months of polish.

Be it repackaged remasters, continuations of fan favourite series' or just criminally overlooked new IPs, next generation consoles have a wealth of great games just waiting to be picked up now you've finally finished with the year's biggest titles.


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