15 Criminally Underrated PS4 & Xbox One Games You Must Play

14. Killzone: Shadow Fall

killer instinct game
Guerrilla Games

Killzone: Shadow Fall is easily the best entry into the Sony exclusive franchise so far. Taking a more open and player-driven approach, this PS4 launch game moves away from the linear drab corridor shooting the franchise is mostly known for.

Giving players more options to tackle objectives and making great use of a variety of weapons and gadgets to shake up combat, Shadow Fall just feels more approachable and fun than any other Killzone game - and it never feels like you're forcing yourself to keep blowing your way through the main campaign.

Aided by a more vibrant and colourful art style, Guerilla Games' spin-off is also the most visually appealing entry into the series so far. Although the franchise has always been flawless graphically, the actual art design of each game up until this title had been lacking. But with gorgeous vistas, beautiful particle effects and inventive weapon designs, Killzone: Shadow Fall looks just as good as it plays.


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